At VOLARE we have one goal - to see you fly!  

"When VOLARE was founded, a firm belief was founded with it - that before you can fly, you must first learn to climb.  VOLARE has developed a solid curriculum that builds upon itself, starting at the beginner level and advancing all the way through performance and competition levels.  We believe this method of instruction ensures a safer and more efficient way to train, and creates a more confident and well-rounded aerialist.  

Our standardized and progressive levels for each apparatus are designed to ensure that, with consistency, you can advance efficiently and push through the plateaus that are a natural part of training.   Starting with “Intro”, you will learn basic technique, vocabulary, injury prevention, and beginner skills on your apparatus.  As you progress through the levels, your focus will shift to developing your own goals, mastering more advanced skills, and polishing existing skills to make them performance and competition ready."


MONTLY UNLIMITED STUDIO CLASSES $249 Enjoy any of our pole and aerial classes, along with aerial yoga, dance, and flexibility classes. No contract necessary, simply sign up and enjoy any class on our schedule.

Mix & Match any 10 Classes $169 (must be used within 30 days) This popular pricing option gives you the flexibility to use 10 classes in the studio on any class you like, without breaking your budget.

POLE ART CLASSES: Learn to dance on the tallest poles in San Diego! Limited to just seven students per class, you’ll get all the personalized instruction you need in our tricks, conditioning, and choreography classes.

Unlimited Pole, Silk, Lyra, and Flexibility Classes        $249/mo

Pole Art 10 Class Package                                                          $230

Pole Art 5 Class Package                                                            $120

Pole Art Drop In                                                                            $25

Open Pole Art (no 'class')                                                         $25

*Any Pole Art Class or package can also be used toward Aerial Silks, Lyra, Flexibility, or Lyra Class*

AERIAL SILKS CLASSES Learn to climb, invert, wrap, hold poses, and drop on one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing cirque apparatuses! Our classes accommodate up to six students for a total body workout in a non competitive atmosphere.

Unlimited Pole, Silk, Lyra, and Flexibility Classes        $249/mo

Aerial Silks 10 Class Package                                                   $230

Aerial Silks 5 Class Package                                                     $120

Aerial Silk Drop in Class                                                            $25

*Any Aerial Silks Class or package can also be used toward Pole Art, Lyra, Flexibility, or Lyra Class*

FLEXIBILITY & CONDITIONING CLASSES: Mobility and strength are essential to a healthy body, yet it’s so easy to overlook in our daily lives. Whether you’re improving your over-split or re-opening tight areas developed over the years, our 60 minute Flexibility & Conditioning class will leave you feeling incredible! Splits, shoulders, back, and active flexibility will be emphasized.

These classes go hand in hand with any of the aerial programs you follow, as any aerial art requires not only strength, but increased flexibility to move further along in your chosen practice.

Unlimited Pole, Silk, Lyra, and Flexibility Classes       $249/mo

Flexibility/Conditioning 10 Class Pack                              $160

Flexibility/Conditioning 5 Class Pack                               $85

Flexibility/Conditioning Drop In                                        $20

LYRA, or AERIAL HOOP CLASSES: Improve strength and flexibility as you unlock and develop your artistic movement skills on our single-point hoops. Our exciting curriculum will cover mounts, poses, transitions, and moving gracefully through sequences while suspended in the air.

Unlimited Pole, Silk, Lyra, and Flexibility Classes       $249/mo

Lyra 10 Class Package                                                               $230

Lyra 5 Class Package                                                                 $120

Lyra Drop in Class                                                                      $25

*Any Lyra Class or package can also be used toward Pole Art, Aerial Silks, Flexibility, or Lyra Class*

AERIAL YOGA: All from the comfort of one of our beautiful tri-cot fabric hammocks, your certified instructors will guide you through a total body workout, combining elements of yoga, pilates, and flexibility/strength training. Come enjoy both the physical and mental benefits of hanging freely in the air.

Aerial Yoga 10 Class Package                          $109

Aerial Yoga 5 Class Package                            $65

Aerial Yoga Drop In Class                                $15

*Aerial Yoga Classes can also be used for any of our Dance Classes offered*

Dance: A great supplement to your regular aerial training, offering dance classes at Volare was a very exciting new step we have taken to further improve our performance abilities in the air. We offer Ballet/Barre, Burlesque, Hip-Hop, Heels, and contemporary dance. Additionally, if you are interested in challenging your floor practice, we offer a Turns & Leaps class to help you further learn new and creative ways to travel through space.

Dance 10 Class Package                          $109

Dance 5 Class Package                            $65

Dance Drop In Class                                 $15

*Dance  Classes can also be used for any of our Aerial Yoga Classes offered*

PRIVATE LESSONS: For those who wish to learn one-on-one, we offer private (or small group) lessons in pole, silks, lyra, and flexibility. Our private lessons are 90 minutes long, and can be custom-tailored to fit your unique aerial goals.

Private Lesson: 1 Client, 1 Lesson                 $75

Private Lesson: 1 Client, 3 Lessons               $202

Private Lesson: 1 Client, 6 Lessons               $360

Semi-Private Lesson: 2 Clients, 1 Lesson    $119 

Semi-Private Lesson: 2 Clients, 3 Lessons  $299

Semi-Private Lesson: 2 Clients, 6 Lessons  $449

PRIVATE PARTIES: Bachelorettes, Birthdays, or just because! Plan your special event with us and get ready for an afternoon of fun and laughs! Choose from three different time formats to customize your experience. We host 3 different lengths of parties, to fit your specific experience: 1 Hour, 1 1/2 hours, and a 2 Hour Party options.

Our 1 & 1/2 hour and 2 hour parties are more customized that include the following:

  • 1 1/2-2 hours playing and partying in our studio: We begin a your party with a warmup in our aerial yoga hammocks, before learning a fun pole dance routine in the main part of our studio. After dancing, we provide a relaxing aerial savasana in our yoga hammocks with a choice of lavender, peppermint, lemon, bergamot, or rose essential oil to help your party cool down.
  • Balloons hung throughout our studio, in the Guest of Honor’s favorite colors, which she gets to take with her after the party
  • A customized written sign welcoming the Guest of Honor and the rest of the party
  • Bottled water on ice, held in our large silver punch bowl
  • Four different types of fruit assorted on a blue tempered glass tray
  • Vanilla and Chocolate cupcakes assorted on our silver cupcake tree
  • 1 Hour Party:                                            $35 Per Person (6 person minimum)
  • 90 Minute (1 & 1/2 Hour Party:        $49 Per Person (6 person minimum)
  • 2 Hour Party                                            $60 Per Person (6 person minimum)

For more information, please contact the studio at 619.618.8552