Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is a newer form of fitness that is quickly growing in popularity. Developed a little over 10 years ago by a man named Christopher Harrison, and initially considered a fad, the use of a suspended hammock or silk brought beautiful yoga poses together with helpful suspensions that have been testified to help with spinal decompression, increase mobility, and naturally realign your muscles and joints. There are roots of pilates, calisthenics, and circus art in the practice of aerial yoga. The feeling of easing pressure on your body is amazing; suspended in an apparatus that supports your weight is sublime, and can also lead to child-like feelings of playfulness. The natural wonderment of being upside down will always be present at any age, and this form of fitness helps fulfill that, while helping you destress and “let go and fly.”

Aerial yoga is also a great way to begin building strength and flexibility, at any level. In addition to swinging, and hanging upside down in several poses, the constant suspension leads students to engage core muscles much more than a traditional yoga practice where you are grounded. 

Silks are commonly seen in the world famous Cirque Du Soleil, and practiced in circus gyms all across the globe. The artist P!iNK was featured at the 2010 Grammy’s, doing silks in her performance. 

Aerial Yoga is a great way to get a feeling of what some of these talented artists do, on a much more attainable level. This fun, innovative form of yoga can help you find more support, achieve your strength and flexibility goals, while having fun doing so.