What do I wear/bring to my first class?

For pole we recommend wearing short shorts and a sports bra or tank top.  Clothing does not stick the pole, so exposed skin is necessary to climb and hold poses.  Socks, leg warmers, and flexible knee pads or coverings are recommended (but not required) for choreography classes.  

For lyra, aerial yoga, silks, flexibility, and conditioning classes we recommend wearing leggings and a fitted top.  Socks and/or leg warmers optional. 

Any specific clothing requirements will be listed under the class description in Mindbody. 

DON’T FORGET to bring water!

DO AVOID applying lotions or oils prior to pole class as these can cause slipping and sliding off the poles!  

What’s my level? Where do I start?

If you’re a first-timer or beginner aerialist, we ask that you start with the “Intro” or beginner friendly classes.  Even if you’ve had lots of prior fitness experience, “Intro” classes are where the most important foundations of safety and technique.  If you’ve had prior experience with pole, lyra, or silks we invite you to give us a call and speak with an instructor to determine your level.  

Our aerial yoga, flexibility and conditioning, acrobatics, and grounded dance classes are appropriate for beginners and can be modified to accommodate most levels.  

Follow the SCHEDULE link to create a Mindbody account and start booking!

But I have no upper body strength! Can I still take class?

Yes!  Every expert was once a beginner who had to gradually develop their strength through hard work, consistency, and time.  Aerial requires total body engagement, utilizing both large and small muscle groups together in ways that most bodies aren’t accustomed to.  In other words - everyone can expect to find aerial challenging at first.

But don’t worry!  Classes are broken down into levels which allow you to develop strength at your own pace.  We’ve also designed flexibility and conditioning classes to help ensure continued development throughout your training process.  We have a saying that “you’ve got to start somewhere.”  Our encouraging team of instructors believes this wholeheartedly, and is ready to support and cheer you on.

Isn't pole just for girls/strippers?

Not at all!  Pole is for everyone and can be practiced in many different ways.  At Volare we welcome both men and women to practice in our co-ed studio. 

Years ago, pole was most commonly associated with stripping and the sex industry.  While exotic dance has remained very popular and loved within the pole community, pole fitness and many additional pole dancing styles have risen exponentially in popularity.  In fact, pole was originally developed by men in 11th century Asia to improve dexterity and strength. Today, pole dance is on the brink of becoming an official Olympic sport.  

VOLARE welcomes all genders and walks of life to practice in our studio.  Whether you’re interested in pole fitness, strength training, artistic performance, or dancing in heels - there’s a place for you!  

Click here to learn more about the different styles of exotic dance, and each style’s unique focus: https://www.polewithpeach.com/blog/pole-styles-stripper-exotic-classique-difference/

Am I too old for aerial?

No way! After seeing ladies in their seventies performing difficult routines and competitive artists in their fifties sweeping titles, we don’t believe that age is a limiting factor.  As long as you feel strong and capable enough, whether you’re seven or seventy, you can practice aerial.  The sky is truly the limit when you’re flying, right?