What do I wear?

The class that you choose will depend on what you will need to wear.

For our pole art classes, we recommend wearing short shorts and a sports bra or tank top. Pole requires a tremendous amount of exposed skin so that you can climb, invert, and safely hold or transition poses. Please avoid wearing oils or lotions prior to class so that you prevent yourself from sliding.

For our aerial yoga, lyra, flexibility, and conditioning classes, we recommend wearing leggings and a fitted tank or long sleeve shirt, with leg warmers optional. 

What level would I be?

This is often a tricky question to answer. Everyone possesses strength and flexibility on different levels. To determine what level you would feel most comfortable in, we invite you to talk to an instructor or give us a call. If you have never tried pole dance before, we invite you to look into our beginner programs. 

For our aerial yoga, lyra, flexibility and conditioning classes, we invite all levels to participate, from brand-new beginner to advanced artist.

I have no upper body strength, what do I do?

We have a saying at VOLARE, “You’ve got to start somewhere.” It’s ok to come in and find the challenge in our classes, because not only will you begin to develop the strength and flexibility you need to progress, but also because you will also begin to gain the inner-confidence to continue. 

Our foundational programs build on one another, so that you only get better and stronger as you go. We have developed a solid warm-up and conditioning program that enhances what we teach in each class, so that you progress faster. 

Every expert was once a beginner, and they only became great through dedication, hard work, and encouragement. Our team believes this wholeheartedly, and is ready to help you start.

Isn't pole just for girls?

Absolutely not!! As a matter of fact, pole was originally developed by men in the 11th centuries in both China and India to improve their dexterity and strength. 

Often, pole is most commonly associated with stripping and the sex industry. However, we are on the brink of seeing it go to the Olympics, and there are many avenues that people take in their pole practice, be it for fitness, seduction, acrobatics, or dance. There are several big names in the pole community that are regarded with respect for their artistic expression and explosive strength and beautiful grace, and this rings true for both men and women. 

VOLARE welcomes both men and women to practice their art in our studio, and we are a co-ed studio.

Am I too old for pole?

After seeing ladies in their 70’s performing routines, and competitive pole dancers in their 50’s sweeping titles, we don’t believe that age matters with pole, but more how your body feels. If you feel strong and capable, whether you’re 7 or 70, there is no number cutoff, and the sky is truly the limit when you’re flying, right?