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When VOLARE was founded, a firm belief was founded with it - that before you can fly, you must first learn to climb. VOLARE has developed a solid curriculum that builds upon itself, starting at the beginner level and advancing all the way through performance and competition levels. We believe this method of instruction ensures a safer and more efficient way to train, and creates a more confident and well-rounded aerialist.

Starting with “Intro”, you will learn basic technique, vocabulary, injury prevention, and beginner tricks and flows. As you progress through the levels, your focus will shift to learning more advanced skills as well as polishing existing moves to make them performance and competition ready. Designed to help you push through plateaus that are a natural part of training, our curriculum exists for one goal - to help you fly!

All classes are 60 minutes with a heavy emphasis on safety and technique.


Pole dance is the combination of dance and acrobatics centered around a vertical pole. In our pole dance classes you will learn to perform incredible displays of strength and flexibility as you spin, climb, flip, invert, drop, and hold poses on and around the pole. Grace and flow is especially emphasized in our in our pole choreography classes. Because pole dance has become one of the most stylistically versatile apparatuses around, classes will offer a wide variety of material and allow your aerial personality to shine.


Also known as aerial tissue or fabric, our silks consist of luxurious polyester lycra that drapes from a sturdy fixed point in the air. Aerialists use the fabric to wrap, suspend, fall, strike poses, swing, and spiral their bodies into and out of various positions. Originally developed in 1995 as a way to attract audiences to Cirque du Soleil, aerial silks are now just as accessible to the public as they are beautiful to watch.


Learn to fly with us as you enjoy one of our aerial yoga classes. Using the FlyGym aerial swings, our certified instructors will guide and help you through, taking your yoga practice to a new and challenging level. Providing a total body workout, combining traditional yoga, pilates, and flexibility in a beautiful hammock. Push yourself to new limits as you increase your strength, improve your balance, and enjoy the psychological and physical benefits of building strength and flexibility, hanging freely, and flying.

Aerial Hoop or Lyra

Lyra is a circular ring (similar to a hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling allowing aerialists to showcase dazzling feats of agility and balance off the ground. Our lyras are suspended at various (and safe) heights to accommodate all levels, and are attached via a single point rigging system allowing them to rotate 360º.


At VOLARE we believe in diversity of movement and “finding your style". That’s why we offer choreography on and off the poles in a variety of dance styles including contemporary, ballet, hip hop, burlesque, lyrical, and exotic where body awareness and fluidity of movement are emphasized. Choreography style will vary by instructor.


We believe stretching is essential to a healthy body, yet something we often overlook in our daily lives. Volare’s flexibility programs will help you begin to re-open the tightness you develop over the years, and help you further your bendy goals. These classes focus on opening up and stretching focal parts of the body, with main focuses on vertical and middle splits, shoulders, and back. 

*These classes go hand in hand with any of the aerial programs you follow, as any aerial art requires not only strength, but increased flexibility to move further along in your chosen practice.*


Often, learning a new craft can be intimidating. We offer private instruction for those who wish to learn one-on-one or two-on-one with one of our patient artists in any of the classes we offer. Our private lessons are 90 minutes long, and custom tailored to fit exactly what you want to learn. Contact the studio for more information.


Our enormous studio is large enough and available to accomodate large themed parties for you and your friends, including bachelorette and birthday parties. Our two story space can hold up to 35 people at a time. Contact the studio for pricing.