San Diego's Finest Pole, Lyra, and Aerial Yoga Studio

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Enjoy 2 weeks of unlimited aerial yoga for $25! 

*San Diego Locals only

“VOLARE.” Translated from Italian, means,"To Fly.” Come inside and begin your journey onward and upward, finding the freedom within our warm culture of artists. We are dedicated to promote your own adventure to fly with us.

Welcome to our Studio.

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Our 4000 square foot open air space is home to people of all backgrounds or experience levels, be it the brand new curious beginner, or the more practiced artist. We welcome you in, and are excited to help further foster your growth in your journey to fly.


Our inspiring instructors are not only instructors. They are artists of movement, of flight. They are a passionate team of guides, eager to take you higher and higher in your journey. And they are excited to meet you, sharing their own stories.


We have a wide variety of classes offered at Volare. We are eager to share our expertise and teach you all that we can in the world of Pole, Aerial Yoga, Lyra, Flexibility, and Dance Conditioning, regardless of level or skill.